We are excited to announce the Corning Motorsports racing calendar just got easier to add to your personal calendar! All you have to do is subscribe. Subscribing is easy as clicking a button. The link will open your iCalendar or Google Calendar. Click ‘Add’ and you are subscribed. It’s that easy! Your calendar will update with any change on the website’s calendar. Check out our events page here to subscribe now.

As we start track race seasons, you will be the first to see new events as they are added to the calendar. No more going to each social media page and reviewing a long list of events to find the ones that you want. We’ll do the work taking all those images and putting them in your calendar. Additionally, race tracks communicate with us to get those schedules as soon as they are published.

Are you only at racing one track? Do you only need a single event downloaded? Subscribe to a single event on that event’s page. The event information will be kept current and up-to-date. You have control!

We look forward to a fantastic year of racing! Corning Motorsports is your one-stop for making your race schedule. So let us know if we are missing your favorite track for 2022.


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