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Only the top ten positions of classes that raced on 7/24/21 are listed.

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This is what the track uses as its points. Contact track directly for accuracy or discrepancies.

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If you need a reminder on how the IMCA points System works:

  1. Weekly ‘A’ Feature win is 40 points, with each subsequent position worth one point less, with 24th position in feature worth 17 points. If more than 24 cars start feature, all positions from 24th back receive 17 points.
  2. If less than ten entries for any given night, for each car less than ten, one point fewer than normal is awarded for feature finish. For example, if nine cars entered, feature win would then be worth 39 points; for eight entries, win would be worth 38 points, etc.

For complete rules, click here. All IMCA classes use this system.

IMCA Modifieds – Top Ten

133DP.J. Dyke291
2118Steven Daffern283-8
39Eric Evans277-14
477Cole Dick242-49
538TMichael Thing220-71
693Kyle Morris158-133
735William Miller148-143
830Rod Robison130-161
940Keith Altig127-164
1082Karl Von Yokes122-169

IMCA Sport Mods – Top Ten

128Brian Brown290
244Bill Hackett (R)258-32
347Steven Luecht (R)228-62
433Ryan Amidon (R)220-70
55Jeremey Willey189-101
614Jake Triska189-101
728David Ross169-121
87kDavid Kilpela146-144
981Greg Mann138-152
1027XGary Rodriguez134-156
(R) denotes rookie season

IMCA Sport Compacts – Top Ten

192David Hunt206
289Benjamin Pendleton (R)203-3
352Ken McWilliams (R)148-58
427Zackery Conyers (R)145-61
536bEnzo Deckers143-63
647Andrew Schmitz141-65
723Chris Niemi106-100
804Wynona Ragland102-104
957Michael Duran101-105
1030Garrett Sandridge68-138
(R) denotes rookie season

IMCA Hobby Stocks – Top Ten

15AZZack Tate40
25CChandler Dodge39-1
32NDSteve Bitting Jr38-2
485Joe Peterson37-3
517Thomas Daffern36-4
683Brian Brown35-5
718Brycen Daffern (R)34-6
827CNick Posey33-7
91WMitchell Mohler Sr32-8
1013MJohnny Madrid31-9
(R) denotes rookie season

Street Stocks – Top Ten

18Paul Dyke300
229Dale Erwin292-8
304Jayson Aldridge275-25
45Scott Duffy258-42
531Kyle Bethel (R)232-68
637Nick Braddy210-90
742Sunny Trent209-91
811Denis Taylor183-117
919LChris Laff164-136
1001Steve Porter131-169
(R) denotes rookie season

Pony Stocks – Top Ten

111Denis Taylor153
275Lucas Vanderstaay143-10
303Jayden Medina139-14
422Wraymond Schott139-14
598Robert Minnick133-20
619Daniel Rossi103-50
759Jlynne Gil95-58
84Ariana Brown65-88
981Eric Milczewski38-115
104Alan Milczewski38-115

Pure Stocks – Top Ten

119Rick Chavez302
24Jayson Aldridge296-6
353Rick Schnereger292-10
489Rusty Staley284-18
592David Hunt277-25
640Michael Rumbaugh277-25
77Tiffany Crow266-36
828Dave Evangelou266-36
924Mike Wolfe256-46
1062Greg Perry241-61

Junior Sprints – Top Ten

125Landon Dalton288
278Noah Dalton San278-10
372Caleb Scholl269-19
425XGage Baldwin250-38
524Taylin Baldwin234-54
672Cody Benker224-64
703Camden Jeziorski128-160
803Caleb Perkins68-220
967Logan Perkins67-221

Masters Mini Dwarfs – Top Ten

107Danielle Friel297
216Jacob Manalo297
320Kelly Weitzel297
479Jacob Novak289-8
518Nathan Manalo255-42
611Kellen O’Connor238-59
748Tyler Warner201-96
8111YDeclan Sypolt166-131
909Harmony Painter140-157
105WJaxon Willey101-196

Sportsman Mini Dwarfs – Top Ten

112SCody Isabella301
223Cam Baldwin296-5
357Melanie Ross287-14
425Kaiden Johnson287-14
52Brysen Byford282-19
650SZach Dalton272-29
739Jackson Reiter188-113
88Shelton Scott173-128
935LShelby Deckers134-167
1037XCole Bezio133-168


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