A last-minute decision to go out to Cocopah’s Dwarf Nationals 2nd night on Saturday, Feb. 20th, 2021 enabled Bill Hackett to get behind the reconstructed Mike Corning Shaw Modified turned Sports Mod. Mike’s dad Larry Corning had put in some extra steps to give Mike’s car an option to be a sports mod when he put the car back together after Mike’s deadly rollover at Cocopah Speedway in 2019. Since then the car has been on the track only once and as a pace car for Mike’s Memorial race in 2020. Sitting in the driveway, the car was waiting for a new life. Bill started putting some time into it after work each day. Bill’s motivation and determination encouraged Larry to let him get behind the wheel.

About Bill Hackett

Bill drove some laps at Barona Speedway in a street stock, never being in a Modified. The plan was to have it ready for the Barona Schedule after finding out that the Sport Mods were going to be a part of the lineup for 2021. Larry is notorious for deciding on last-minute racing. So, this decision to make a road trip to Cocopah Speedway wasn’t a huge surprise. So they loaded up the truck and trailer and hit the road.

The Show

It was definitely a full show with the Dwarf Cars on Saturday, with only eleven Sports Mods in attendance. Perfect for a first-time driver. The objective was to make clean laps, make sure the car was ok, and have fun. He accomplished all three. Nothing fancy, just make laps and don’t try to overdrive. Feel the car out. By the end of the 20 lap main event, he was starting to get a bit braver and play around a little bit. Finished 10th place since one car left the track, but he learned a lot. Can only get better from here.



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